Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chicken Satay recipe


500gms chicken,
20 bamboo skewers
1 "enak eco" satay sauce slab
3 red chillis if you wanna make it spicey
sweet soya sauce (thick)
a clove of garlic
1 lemongrass

FIRST soak the bamboo skewers, not only does it stop them from burning while cooking, they don't take away moisture out of the chicken.

Grind the chilli, garlic, lemongrass fine.

Boil 150 ml water, and add the ground paste and diced satay sauce slab, 50ml of sweet soya sauce, stir rather regularly for 5 minutes and you are done. Let it cool down while you cut the chicken into the size of a garlic clove and skewer them.Use only one half of skewers as you want to use the other half to turn them over while cooking.

Use 2/3rd satay sauce that you have prepared to baste the chicken and bbq / grill on medium to high heat. Try to cook evenly on all sides by turning over regularly (but not continuously).

Pour the remaining 1/3rd satay sauce on the cooked skewers once on the plate. Serve with coarsely chopped spanish onions and cucumber. Traditionally, indonesians also serve chopped chillis in sweet soya sauce.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shortest recipe - EVER

So here's my attempt at providing the shortest recipe ever. But first, what constitutes a cooking recipe?

"cooking", by my definition involves heating items. You cannot mix a bowl of greens, add pine nuts,  drizzle it with olive oil and say that you cooked it. Yes, you prepared it, but not cooked it. Please note that baking is a subset of cooking (and that cost me 50% web traffic).

the second deal with cooking is that you cannot use pre-packaged ... stuff. no canned tuna, no pickles, no smoked salmon. bottom-line - you have to use raw ingredients (cheeses ok :p)

the last, and the most important thing is, it should be delectable, pleasant to the palette, not overpowering, decently healthy, and appealing to a wide market (sorry vindaloo, see you another day)

so here goes -

pan-fry (3 free range eggs slightly whisked with 3 chopped basil leaves) over  1/3 finely chopped and sautéed spanish onion, flip on to a plate, and sprinkle with shaved parmesan and a basil leaf 

Appendix (doesn't count towards actual recipe) only if you have to, add tiniest amounts of salt and pepper

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coffee awesomeness

My friend Filip is what you can safely call a "coffee nut" (or should i say bean :s ? oh well...)

Here's a picture of a rosetta from his able hands and a video of an espresso shot from a naked portafilter on his Giotta machine

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